Easy to Transfer the Patient through Online | ASHA Ambulance Service in Katihar

Wow! It is very easy to book a medical transfer call on-phone. If you are the needy person and one of your family members requires an ambulance service from Katihar then you can contact us on-phone. It is an ISO Certified Emergency Ambulance Service Company which name is ASHA AMBULANCE SERVICE. Mainly, this ambulance service is Patna based but it is dedicated to 38 districts for patients’ transportation. Now at present, this ambulance service is mostly transferring the corona patients as well as severe patients from one place to another place.

As a matter of fact, Asha Ambulance Services in Kathiar has all the essential medical transfer service facilities. Those names are Air Ambulance, Commercial Stretcher, Cardiac Care Ground Ambulance, and Basic Life Care Road Ambulance Services. All the medical conveniences are well-equipped with an advanced and ICU expert medical team and associates where the patients get full-time high caring and treatment in ambulance. Our medical team always pay their 100% for the patient’s care sake. Each medical shifting is based on bed to bed service system. You need of this ambulance service, then without any wasting time, call us directly anytime.

We are Expert in Patients’ Acceleration and Corpse’s Displacement from Katihar:

Patients or the injured one can avail of the following ambulance services:-

  • Air Ambulance Service
  • Air Charter Ambulance
  • Charter Aircraft Medical Flight
  • Commercial Stretcher in Airlines
  • Train Ambulance Service
  • Cardiac Care Ground Ambulance
  • Basic Life Care Road Ambulance
  • Ventilator and Oxygen Ambulance
  • Emergency Ambulance Service

The Corpse or the Dead Body can avail of the following ambulance services & privileges:-

  • Dead Body Transportation Service
  • Mortuary Vans for Corpse
  • Coffin Box Transfer by Road or Airlines
  • Freezer Box Transfer by Road or Airlines
  • Embalming & Embalming Certification
  • Non-Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Funeral & Ritual Ambulance Service

Helpline No: +91 93346-91234 | +91 79035 20263
email id: info@ashaambulanceservice.com

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