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What to do and what not to do. There is always a major problem with them who has fickle mind. But this is time where you have to give your first priority to your need.  This is an emergency time for your patient’s sake where you have to confirm your ambulance service. It is an ISO Certified Asha Ambulance Road Ambulance Service in Darbhagna that is well-established with all the medical transportation. Basically, the most the patients from this city either go to Patna or go to Delhi for their higher treatments.

Asha Road Ambulance Service in Darbhanga has been providing this ground-level medical evacuation services. Basically, Cardiac Care Ambulance that has plenty of names like- Ventilator Ambulance, ICU or CCU Ambulance, Hi-tech AC Ambulance, Advanced Cardiac Care Life Support Ambulance, etc has been shifting the emergency or severe patients from this city.  Asha Ambulance is a full-time and highly reputed emergency medical transfer name where most of the people trust on us. In every medical journey, we provide our best medical team unit and ICU equipment sets for the patients’ care sake. Call us anytime; we are fully responsible for your loved one from the first call to the admitted bed.

For Patients’ acceleration from Darbhanga to Patna, Delhi or another city:

  • Charter Aircraft Medical Flights
  • Air Charter Ambulance Service
  • Commercial Stretcher or Wheelchair
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support, ACLS
  • Basic Life Support, BLS
  • Train Ambulance Service
  • AC & Emergency Ambulance

For Corpse’s dispatching from Darbhanga to another city:

  • Dead Body Transportation Service
  • Mortuary Vans and Ambulance
  • Embalming & Embalming Certificate
  • Coffin Box & its Delivery Service
  • Freezer Box & its Delivery Service
  • Funeral & Ritual Ambulance Service

Helpline: +91 79035 20263 | +91 93346 91234

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