Giving Destination to Your Requirement – ASHA Ambulance Services in Patna

Now in Patna, Giving Destination to your medical requirement; it is an ISO Certified Asha Ambulance Services. This is one of the highest demanding ambulance services in Patna. This ambulance service is well-occupied with all the sets of hi-tech and emergency medical setup. Each patient is always the part of this beneficiary supplements.  Asha Ambulance Service always keeps an intensive eye on each emergency patient and provides him the destination. Basically, the root of high demanding of this ambulance service is its pure medical quality.

,Asha Ambulance Service is situated in Kankarbagh, Patna where it is open for 24/7 Hours for the needy patients. From higher class to low class patients are benefited with this ambulance service. We are devoted to all the emergency patients to place them at their higher destination. Neither any hidden nor any bouncing cost makes the people’s problems by which they can expand their current assets for the further treatment’s sake. The qualified and reputed ICU Expert Team conducts this ambulance and treats the patient round the clock during the journey. If you are the needy one, then why you take time call us immediate. All the call-attendants of Asha Ambulance Services in Patna will be helping you round clock. 

We are specialized in Patients’ Transportation as well as Dead Body Dispatching from Patna:

Patients or the injured one can avail of the following ambulance services:-

  • Air Ambulance Service
  • Air Charter Ambulance
  • Charter Aircraft Medical Flight
  • Commercial Stretcher in Airlines
  • Train Ambulance Service
  • Cardiac Care Ground Ambulance
  • Basic Life Care Road Ambulance
  • Ventilator and Oxygen Ambulance
  • Emergency Ambulance Service

The Corpse or the Dead Body can avail of the following ambulance services & privileges:-

  • Dead Body Transportation Service
  • Mortuary Vans for Corpse
  • Coffin Box Transfer by Road or Airlines
  • Freezer Box Transfer by Road or Airlines
  • Embalming & Embalming Certification
  • Non-Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Funeral & Ritual Ambulance Service

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