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It is your loved one. He or she is in Bhagalpur Hospital. Now the treating doctors have suggested you to take him or her to Patna, Delhi, or another city where he could get his higher treatment. As per your patient’s care and safety, you are in the search of a highly trustworthy and recommended ambulance service in Bhagalpur. Then, it is the time to dial on Asha Ambulance Service in Bhagalpur who is active with 24/7 hours patient’s transportation service facility. This is Bihar’s first and foremost roadway ambulance service that is an ISO Certified and medically approved by the ICU for all the emergency patients.

Asha Ambulance Services in Bhagalpur has all the privileges of ambulance services such as- Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance, and Cardiac Care Ambulance. All the medical stations are well-furnished with an advanced and expert ICU Team unit and all the sets of emergency equipment sets. Our medical associates and team unit impart their best in each medical evacuation journey by which the patient gets revived for their further treatment. We are always loyal for all the classes of patients in this medical profession. If you are the needy person whose loved one urgent needs of an ambulance service, without any delay call us.

For Patients’ acceleration from Bhagalpur to Patna, Delhi or another city:

  • Charter Aircraft Medical Flights
  • Air Charter Ambulance Service
  • Commercial Stretcher or Wheelchair
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support, ACLS
  • Basic Life Support, BLS
  • Train Ambulance Service
  • AC & Emergency Ambulance

For Corpse’s dispatching from Bhagalpur to another city:

  • Dead Body Transportation Service
  • Mortuary Vans and Ambulance
  • Embalming & Embalming Certificate
  • Coffin Box & its Delivery Service
  • Freezer Box & its Delivery Service
  • Funeral & Ritual Ambulance Service

Helpline: +91 79035 20263 | +91 93346 91234
Email: info@ashaambulanceservice.com


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