How To Prepare For AIIMS UG 2018 ?

AIIMS is one of the most acclaimed hospital and college of India. It’s repute is quite legendary, and it is in the eyes of many students as their ultimate education-goal. AIIMS gives admission to students through their own entrance test. Every year, it is taken by lakhs of candidates, out of whom only a handful make the cut. Hence, good preparation is extremely necessary to survive in the cut-throat competition this exam offers. Preparing for an exam will involve dedication, perseverance and hard-work. These are the soul of your preparation. In this article, we focus on the mechanics of your preparation – important chapters, study material, and some general tips to get you started. Read on!

Preparation for AIIMS 2018 – The Mechanics

Important Topics for AIIMS 2018:

Here is a list of a few important topics that will help you to prepare for AIIMS 2018: Biology: Systematics, Genetics, Cells, Ecology and Human Health & Diseases are especially important. Chemistry: General Organic Chemistry (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT), Hydrocarbons, Equilibria, Bonding etc. Also, be very thorough with reactions of p-block elements. Physics: Modern Physics, Waves, Heat and Thermodynamics, Ray Optics etc.

Study material for AIIMS 2018:

The key to succeed in the competition is to read selectively good books thoroughly instead of referring to too many books. However, remember that the secret to cracking AIIMS lies with NCERT. Be thorough with NCERT, and you’ll be quite thorough with maximum part of the paper. However, for your sake, here is a list of books that you can refer to besides NCERTs – Physics:

  • CBSE PMT by P. Aggarwal (set of 3 Volumes)
  • HC Verma (Volume 2)


  • Pradeep’s
  • Trueman’s Biology (Volume 1 and 2)
  • AC Dutta for Botany (Oxford Publication)
  • MTG (Biology Today) CBSE PMT (magazine)


  • ABC Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry: Arihant Publications, Morrison Boyd
  • Physical Chemistry: Peter Atkins and Julio de Paul
  • A New Pattern Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry for Competitions by O P Tandon
  • Objective NCERT at your fingertips Chemistry by MTG

Also, you mustn’t forget the most important weapon in your arsenal – previous year papers. They are extremely important, will give you an insight into the types of questions asked, and will also help you in preparing yourself mentally for the types of questions you’ll face in the hall. So be very thorough with question papers of the previous years!

Study plan for AIIMS 2018:

  • There are 20 questions based on general knowledge in AIIMS exam. For solving these, you can read newspapers and watch news everyday for an hour to have the best idea of the latest events happening in order to get along with the General Knowledge part in the AIIMS 2018 exam. Other most recommended GK books for AIIMS 2018include General Knowledge Today and CSR magazines.
  • Begin with procuring the precise syllabus, study material and exam details. This forms the basis of your studies over the next two years.
  • Being a class XI student, you have the opportunity to streamline your preparations quite efficiently. Focus on the concepts right from the start and prepare notes simultaneously that will come handy during revisions.
  • Utilize the time to understand the concepts through NCERTs. Prepare flashcards for formulae and equations for Physics and Chemistry while make diagrams and flowcharts to understand Biology concepts. These methods help you immensely while memorizing lengthy concepts.
  • Once through with the concept, devote time for practice problem solving. Practice as many sample papers as possible within the specified time to measure your knowledge and pace.
  • It is helpful to enrol in a competent coaching institute to strengthen you preparations. If you are preparing from home, solve questions on online learning portals. They provide mock tests that will be extremely helpful in studying for AIIMS 2018.
  • If you stumble upon a doubt related to any of the topics make sure to get it answered. Take help from teachers, mentors or fellow students. Engage in discussion with a community of peers and seniors.
  • Keep yourself in good health, stay positive during your preparation, and do not give in to anxiety and stress!

That’s about all you need to know to go out there and conquer the exam! All the best in your endeavors!

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