3. G Suite Setup – G Suite Domain Verification with Godaddy Video Tutorial

Within the final video, we signed up for G Suite with our Godaddy area, on this video we’ll take our setup additional and can confirm our Godaddy area to G Suite (Google), so Google permits us to start out utilizing G Suite companies like Gmail, Google Drive, hangouts and so forth.

Goldy Arora
G Suite Licensed Marketing consultant

Video Tutorial

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  1. Hi, I have set up my domain with google for mail. But unfortunately, I have forgotten the admin google account. Do you have any video to reset google admin account password?

  2. How do I check my Google verification code if want to add the TXT records later stage
    My TXT records are removed from my domain records, so how do I get it again

  3. OMG thank you! I was getting the run around with google articles none of which were helpful. Officially verified thanks to you!

  4. Thank you. Would this set up be any different if I have a domain from GoDaddy BUT my site is not hosted at GoDaddy?

  5. But for me, after going to domain DNS, im not finding any shown options by you….can you please help me

  6. I can't get those options where I can choose which domain provider I want to verify from. What should I do?

  7. I bought my domain through Gsuite hosted with GoDaddy so the opposite to what is shown in the video – do you have video showing how to do it that way

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