Craziest Things Playstation Hackers Have Done Video Tutorial

Hacking your online game console is nothing new, however some instances, avid gamers get somewhat carried away and that is what occurred when a gaggle took their ps abilities somewhat too far!

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Ever because the Web existed, so have hackers. From hacking private computer systems, to promoting unlawful issues on the “darkish net”, hackers have at all times tried to make use of scare techniques to get what they need.

Generally, they really get their palms on some fairly confidential data. Some think about hackers to be important to protecting freedom of speech, issues like WikiLeaks may help the folks know what’s happening on the planet. For us avid gamers nevertheless, once we consider hackers we consider cheaters in videogames, cracked ROMs, and thepiratebay. Nonetheless, there’s a complete different facet of hacking relating to videogames, and on this case, we’re going to discover a record-setting incident with Sony and the Ps Community; in 2011, 77 million PSN customers had their private information hacked by an nameless hacker. Whereas now we have an thought who could have been the wrongdoer, there’s nonetheless no reply to who the mastermind behind the Sony hack was practically 10 years in the past.

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  1. Somebody hacked my account that had a credit card connected to it so somebody ordered thousands with the credit card and then I all came to our house. Drones, ps4s, headsets,vr

  2. I was not a PlayStation user when any other f that happened I was and still am a Xbox gamer Xbox is my mane home console but PlayStation is probably my 2nd or 3rd I haven’t decided if I like Nintendo or PlayStation better

  3. The movie when they had to assassinate the president was funny the part when he found out the stores was fake was a big twist but they looked fake

  4. theres a place here in albania where the have ps3 and ps4s and they are jailbroken an are full of games they didnt pay for

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