Full Factory Reset Xbox One Console Video Tutorial

Onerous Reset & Full Manufacturing unit Reset Xbox One Console,
If you’re promoting or altering possession of an Xbox One console this could be useful.

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Video Tutorial

tips on how to manufacturing facility reset

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  1. It says my one drive froze and sent me a message saying unfreeze before July or it's all deleted I did that and it's saying it could take 24 hours this all normal I used the full shut down

  2. Bro I was doing this at the last minute I’m about to sell my xbox and 1 hour and it’s taking forever to reset😭

  3. I have to factory reset mine after 6yrs of use to see if I can apply the most recent update. It keeps trying to update and won't restart during the update. It'll try to turn on but won't. I'm thinking that since it's 6yrs old l, it's at the end of its life and might be time for a new one. After about 30mins of being unplugged cross my dang fingers it'll turn back on but won't update at all.

  4. Hi there, will i need to manually remove the accounts or if i just ‘reset and remove everything’ will everything be gone? and another question, what do i do if i can’t access the Microsoft account on the site? is it a essential step to remove the xbox as a device?

  5. I have a question since I'm going to sell my xbox but I still want my account and games to play on a pc I'm going to buy but I don't want the account and games on the xbox that I'm going to sell, do you know what I could do?

  6. Does anyone know if this will help with my seagate external hard drive? I got the external hard drive for my Xbox one original and unfortunately haven’t been to download and transfer files with the same ease as I did with my old console on my one s.

  7. The microsoft store and Store experience host are still updating, after reseting it and holding the power button for 10 seconds. What am I doing wrong?

  8. But if u restart the xbox and remove everything can u still sign in your account because you've got an Microsoft account

  9. I came here because what happened is that my friends list apps and games list dont show up at all

    It worked thank you so much if anyone has the same problem they should do this

  10. hello i have a question i'm selling my xbox in a couple days but i'm selling it with games what should i do cause i will sell it with games can you help me please i can't find anything on yt talking about what should you do when you are selling your xbox with games

  11. If I factory reset my xbox. Will i keep all my bought games and all the progress that I've done on the games will they stay ?

  12. So my screen is stuck on something went wrong and I’ve tried to reset with keep my games but it keeps bringing me back to the same screen? HELP!

  13. My xbox is acting up, and saying my internet is not stable, but I've checked over and over and it is. I'm just wanting to know, if I reset will it fix my problem

  14. My game loads freezes and kick me out plzzz may u help me it. I did everything I formatted, cleared the memory everything nothing worked and the support don’t even answer me this is the worst console ever OMG 😳 PLZ ANYONE HELP

  15. I think i did mess up the factory reset for my xbox one because i think i went and hit the reset while my profile was still active and worst still had a game in not running of course and even worse i hit the one that said delete everything but keep my games on and now When i go and try to put all the info back in When it comes to the console update it wants to update but it just keeps on reading "ERORR HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE DOWNLOAD TRY AGAIN LATER"and When i do same thing over and over and over and over and over again, is there anyway to fix this or am i "SOL"????????

  16. I've got a question if you reset everything and type in your email again. Will the games that you bought before be free or do you have to buy them again?

    Also if you reset but keep all games and apps will that remove how I pay for things, will it remove my Microsoft balance, will it remove my xbox live gold?

  17. I'm here since watching anime in explorer somehow fucked up my system. Like, when I pressed the icon button on the controller, the cursor is still present, now I restarted it, my console is fucking bricked and wont even start. I'll try this method if I somehow got in.

  18. I had to reset my console because Microsoft Edge suddenly disappeared after the last update and i can’t find it anywhere, including the store and my apps. I was able to get it back after the factory reset. Thanks for the help

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