While Loop Java Tutorial Video Tutorial

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– That is the precise code to write down whereas loops in java! ✅I present find out how to use them in your applications.

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🌅 Supply Code – https://github.com/alexlorenlee/JavaTutorialCode/blob/grasp/Loops/WhileDo.java

whereas(true) {


do {

} whereas(true);

These are the codecs for the way you create your whereas and do whereas loop in java. Now, you’ll be able to exchange “true” with an expression and at any time when it is true, it would run the code within the curly braces.

These java whereas loops will be trick at first… However SURELY you will get it 🙂 In the event you adopted alongside, congrats! You learned-by-doing!

I hope you loved this whereas loop java tutorial! I wish to have a pleasant mixture of tutorials and precise initiatives for you all 🙂

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What are you utilizing java whereas loops and do whereas loops for? –

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  1. Hi Alex! thanks for the tutorials.. You Are The Man :)) but I have a question…
    Let's say that I'd like to create an arraylist like this ;
    String words [ ] = { } ; instead of ArrayList words = new ArrayList(); or
    ArrayList<String> words= new ArrayList<String>();

    but the problem is… when I want to add the words that we scan on the string that we created to the list , I get an error..
    ("Cannot invoke add(String) on the array type String[]
    ") I've tried to use Arrays.toString() method.. but I guess there is
    something that I miss.. Could you help me out?

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  3. I really dislike java, the only reason I am learning it just to pass my university course. Java is slow, dated ugly and looks like 1990. Good job though and I appreciate your effort. Thanks

  4. Hi Alex, love your videos they are awesome. I was hoping you could explain this line of code:

    While(counter >0 & & counter<=number)

    I know what the & & is I'm just struggling with counter.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. I've only recently started watching this playlist on Java Basics 1. I have to say this one video Is the only difficult one yet for a beginner since It feels out of order. I'll have to watch ArrayList video and then come back to recap on those last few minutes.

  6. The music is so damn distracting. It may work for gaming vids or tutorials but not for this. Great vid anyway.

  7. Hello 😀
    I have a question:
    Why this line of code looks like this :
    ArrayList<String> words = new ArrayList<String>();
    and not like this:
    ArrayList words = new ArrayList();
    As i checked it also works, so can I use each of those alternately? 😀

  8. I love how the outro is always thanking us for being here when we can be anywhere in the world – meanwhile I am driving so I am everywhere and still here.
    I do like the kindness, keep that up!

  9. Hello, so im working on a program for my class and im having trouble with my method, specifically the looping part. So, ive done research and still couldnt find an answer so im hoping maybe you could help.

    In my method im suppose to search if the user input matches my string array, and if it doesnt match the program should keep looping until the user types in a string that matches one of the strings in the array and returns the index that corresponds to the input. I have tried multiple loops but it 1. loops on forever even if I input the correct 2. Doesnt loop at all

  10. Idk if u remember but u helped me out with a do_while loop in a guess the number project i was working on. Glad u finally made a video! Very helpful

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