Histry Of TNPSC

Inaugural of Public Service Commission :
First time in India, the British Government has decided a Public Service Commission to select good candidates to serve for Indian civil Service on 1923. Four Indians and Four British men, totally Eight respective persons take responsibility to set up Commission under Lord Lee, the First Chairman. The Public Service Commission also recommended to set up for Indian Civil Service and Indian Police Service. But It found a ratio to create Indian Civil Service within 15 years with 50% Indian Citizenship as well as create Indian Police Service within 25 years in the same criteria.
But to set up a Public Service Commission in India had lots of practical difficulties. Sometimes the Government has thought to regret that plan. But over their difficulties, The Government of Punjab and Madras has decided to set up their own Public Service Commission as early as possible.
Madras Public Service Commission :
Yes. As First in India, The Government of Madras has own their Public Service Commission namely 'The Madras Service Commission' on 1929 under Act of the Madras Legislature. At that period, The Madras Province only had Public Service Commission among all the Province. Naturally thus was a great honor. Laterally After re-organization of states on 1957, there are many Service Commissions were made by states.
Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission :
At Starting time, The Madras Service Commission functioned with only 3 Members including Commission Chairman. On 1957, The Madras Service Commission became Madras Public Service Commission have a Headquarters in Madras. On 1970's the State name of Madras Province had changed into Tamil Nadu as well as Madras Public Service Commission also changed their name as Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission ( TNPSC ) frequently.
In view of its important and impartial function, Public Service Commissions rightly find a place of pride in the Indian Constitution. Articles 16, 234, 315 to 323 deal with various functions and powers of the Public Service Commissions. The working of Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is also regulated by Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Regulation, 1954 and the TNPSC Rules of Procedure.

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