Interesting tools to help with Self-Awareness and becoming more stable and emotionally mature

A lot of people ask me about how to become more emotionally mature or stable or learn to like yourself for who you are. So I just came across some stuff which I hope helps!
One of the biggest things that leads to happiness and success is self-awareness. But most of us lack that the most. The picture attached is a tool given in the article I have shared here which will help us all grow as more emotionally sorted and mature people.…/…/i-feel-nothing-wheel-of-emotions/…
I am trying to summarise the gist here –
Let us look at the first circular chart I have attached below (the first picture with 3 circular sections made in a bigger circle). So, basically, most of the times we do not know what we are feeling. We just have a vague idea of the of the emotions we are feeling. If you look at the circular chart I have attached from the article, these emotions are given in the main core of the chart – given by different colours. Once you have identified the emotions in the center, move to the ones in the next step (the ones in the same colour). And from this second step, move to the 3rd. The final outer emotions are the exact feelings we have. How do you reach the final outer emotions? Let us try an example. Suppose you know you are feeling bad. Once you know this, read the 2nd layer, emotions and try to connect. Are you bored or tired? You will most likely be able to differentiate and pick out what you are feeling. Now once you have the second layer emotion, think of the emotions in the third layer. This is where a whole lot of honesty with yourself will come in. Try to remember situations which started this feeling and you will realise what you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. And then you can start dealing with the feelings by taking actions and making decisions. You can chose to move on, talk about it to the other person, take some action, or change something about yourself.
There are other similar tools which can help in dealing with your emotions and becoming more self-aware which are discussed here –…/Contrasting_and_categorization_o…
Hope it helps!

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